Saturday, April 7, 2012

Midge Box

My job has recently taken me very far away from my beloved Rockies, and forced me to miss out on the fantastic spring fishing that I have been reading about.  South Texas is home for me for a few months, leaving me to only dream about the caddis hatch on the Ark, and the rainbows on the Dream Stream.  Luckily, I brought along some of my tying stuff to keep me busy down here while not working.  I bought an Umpqua Fly Merchants medium box, with the goal of filling up the entire box by the time that I get back to Colorado.  My plan is to fill one side completely with midges, while the other side will be a mixture of BWO, PMD, and caddis nymphs.  It took me three weeks to finish the midge side, and I think it turned out pretty swell.  I focused on small patterns for the midge side, tying nothing larger than a size 20.  Most of the patterns are South Platte River patterns, focusing mostly on midges that I have had success with in Cheesman Canyon.  I feel confident that I go to most tailwaters in the state, equipped only with this fly box, I will be successful.  Being down here in South Texas,  at least tying helps me to stay connected to the sport that I love, dreaming about the day I get back to Colorado, grab a fly rod, and chase trout in the mountains.

My tying desk in the Marriott I've been calling home.

Midge Side of Box

From Right: Dorsey's Mercery Black Beauty, Ramirez's UV Pearl Jam Midge, South Platte Specials, Variations of  Garcia's Rojo midge, Shuck Khan midge, and Kleis' Mojo midge.

KF Midge Emerger, Dorsey's Mercury midge, Cream thread midge, Yong Special

Assortment of Yong Specials, Assortment of Barr's Pure Midge Larvae, Red Hot midge, Red Mercury Brassie, Cinnamon midge, and a white variation of Mercury Blood midge
Dorsey's Mercury Blood midge, Christmas Tree midge, and annelids


  1. Well done! You could supply a fly fishing army for months or me for a day and a half. At least Texas has good BBQ.

  2. Howard, good BBQ is the best thing about this state! I enjoy reading your blog, keep up with the posting! Hope you get some fishing done soon!

  3. You've got it covered.... and then some :)

  4. Great looking box! You've got the tailwater stuff well covered and if they won't chase that selection everyone on the river is going to be chasing a magic fly pattern. Great job of tying!!!!

    1. Midgeman,
      Coming from you, I'll take that as great a compliment on midge tying that you can get. I love tying and fishing the small midge patterns!