Sunday, March 20, 2016

Dream Stream- 3/13/16

Got the green light from the wife to head up to the mountains last Sunday, so we pointed the Explorer west up 285 to the South Platte below Spinney Mountain Reservoir to see if any of those monster lake run Rainbows had found their way up the river from Eleven Mile.  It was a perfect day to get back on the water, with clear blue skies and very little wind to speak of.  The flows were a little bit low for the big migration of fish that gives this river its name, but we found the resident fish more than willing to take a fly, and a few of the really big trout that have started to move up into the river in anticipation of their annual spawn.

The fish were taking small annelid and black midge patterns with abandon, as we brought tons of fish to the net.  It was the best day of fishing that I've ever been a part of on the Dream Stream, as any good drift would draw a strike.  My pops took top honors yet again (becoming too regular), hooking an awesome Spinney Rainbow on a San Juan Worm in a nice run below the bridge.  He wrestled the fish out of the deep hole where he was hiding, and got the fish into the net.  It truly was an impressive fish, measuring out at a very thick bodied 25".  Felt great to be back out in the water again my Dad, especially with the amount of time we spent with our rods bent.  First day on the water this year, and hopefully it is an omen of good times ahead on the rivers.