Monday, January 14, 2013

Colorado Midge Box

I made a very worthwhile trade with a buddy of mine, consisting of very nice pair of ski boots for a fly box loaded with top Colorado patterns.  Even if he didn't offer the boots, I would have done the box for him anyway.  I just love having a blank canvas, and watching as the box fills up.

I decided the first side would only be midge patterns, as I can crank those out quickly, and make a quick dent in the new C&F fly box.  I borrowed my buddies nice camera to make my first attempt at some macro shots of the flies in the box.  I really enjoy looking inside other peoples fly boxes, so I hope  other people are interested at what I've been tying at the vice recently.  If you have any questions on specific patterns, let me know and I can give you more details on them.  Most of these patterns are tried and true midge patterns, enduring the test of time on rivers such as the South Platte and the San Juan, but I do have a few of my own sprinkled in there just for fun.  Enjoy the fly box porn!!!

Thread midges
Worm patterns; Shot Glass Midge; Disco Midge
Rojo Midge; Mercury Black Beauty; Cheesman Emerger; Mercury Midge; Iceman Midge Pupa
Annelid; Micro San Juan Worm; Various worm patterns
Midge pupa patterns; Desert Storm midge
Thread midge pupa; UV Pearl Jam Midge
Cheesman Emerger; Mercury Midge 

Purple Urquel; Midge pupa
Yong Special...Is there really another midge that you need?
Yong Special; Top Secret Midge

Mercury Blood Midge 

Yong Special
Bubbleback Midge
Top Secret Midge



  1. These are some incredible boxes. I only hope that I will be able to tie half as well someday!

  2. This is a single box, my dear, with incredible details

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