Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Back in the Tying Game

After a month and a half hiatus, I finally sat down at the bench last night and twisted up some bugs.  Nothing fancy, just some little midges for our annual trip to the Juan next month.  Gonna be supplying flies for four fisherman, so I'm gonna have to start really cranking them out.  Felt a little rusty the first few flies, but got back in that nice little rhythm after a few flies and they ended up looking pretty darn good.  This time of year and tying midges always make me excited for our annual pilgrimage to the Juan!!!

Bling Midge and Boogie Nights Midge

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Glass Testing

Been spending the last few outings fishing a sick demo rod, courtesy of The Fiberglass Manifesto.  The T.F.M. Rod Loan Program is an awesome program set up by Cameron Mortenson for guys like me to test a very nice glass rod before I take the leap and purchase one.  I have had the Swift Fly Fishing Epic 580 built by Tightloop Fly Rods for the last week, with one more to go.  Lawn casting and fishing this beautiful rod has made me a true believer in the quality of glass.  This rod is absolutely gorgeous and it fishes great!   A full write up on the this rod will be done after I complete the demo.

Friday, August 9, 2013


Gonna check out what this glass craze is all about!  Got my new Eagle Claw Featherlight FL300-8 in the mail today, and really pretty impressed with a quick lawn cast session.  The rod feels pretty darn good!  Can't wait to get this thing on the water to see how it really fishes!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Middle Fork of the South Platte- 8/3/13

We headed out to fish a new area this past weekend, heading up to the South Park area to fish the Middle Fork of the South Platte through Tomahawk State Wildlife Area.  As far as beautiful waters go, this has got to be the most beautiful spots that I've fished thus far in South Park.  The river meanders through this little valley, with deep pools and undercut banks at every turn.  I had moderate success in the morning using a double nymph rig, but I got sick of losing so many flies.  I switched to a double dry rig, with a Stimulator and a Parachute Adams.  It was super fun casting two flies to eager little Browns.  Casting the flies into every nook and cranny in the river was the way to go.  I had way more strikes than I had hook ups, but the action was consistent enough to keep it interesting.  Caught about 10 fish between the two of us, the largest of which was probably about 8".  I can see this section of water being extremely fun in the fall, when the big Browns push up from Spinney.  Another day fishing new water, and being amazed at the sheer amount of great fishing we have in CO.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Up The Canyon- Clear Creek- 8/2/13

Fished up and down Clear Creek this afternoon in the canyon above Golden.  Every time I drive up one of these little canyons in the foothills, I think of one of my favorite songs.  I always find myself blasting this as I drive up these canyons, as it explains perfectly my emotions.  Found lots of eager little browns, and had a great time fishing every piece of soft water I could find.  Spent a lot of time sliding up and down rocks, and trying not to fall down 30 foot cliffs.  I'm sure anyone that fishes Clear Creek a lot can agree that accessing the best water requires a fair share of billy goating.

Up the Canyon
By The String Cheese Incident

As I chase that evening sun towards my home, 
Headed up the canyon all alone, 
Worries are behind me fade to black, 
I got my windows down, city to my back. 

Quiet Contemplation, 
a few minutes to unwind. 
River's got me hypnotized 
and it slows my busy mind.

I know what’s waiting for me up around the next bend; 
I'm up the canyon headed home again.

The sun is sinking low down in the west; 
another working day is put to the test. 
At every turn the air grows cooler as I climb,
up the canyon I feel better every time. 

Quiet Contemplation, 
a few minutes to unwind. 
River's got me hypnotized 
and I love to smell the pines
Tomorrow brings another day of working
’Till I'm up the canyon headed home again!

The river cuts a steady course, 
from years of heading' seaward. 
Follow that canyon back upstream. 
The rivers song is pure and true,
it never ages. 
It's as timeless as a dream.

I know what’s waiting for me up around the next bend, 
I'm up the canyon heading' home again!