Monday, August 5, 2013

Middle Fork of the South Platte- 8/3/13

We headed out to fish a new area this past weekend, heading up to the South Park area to fish the Middle Fork of the South Platte through Tomahawk State Wildlife Area.  As far as beautiful waters go, this has got to be the most beautiful spots that I've fished thus far in South Park.  The river meanders through this little valley, with deep pools and undercut banks at every turn.  I had moderate success in the morning using a double nymph rig, but I got sick of losing so many flies.  I switched to a double dry rig, with a Stimulator and a Parachute Adams.  It was super fun casting two flies to eager little Browns.  Casting the flies into every nook and cranny in the river was the way to go.  I had way more strikes than I had hook ups, but the action was consistent enough to keep it interesting.  Caught about 10 fish between the two of us, the largest of which was probably about 8".  I can see this section of water being extremely fun in the fall, when the big Browns push up from Spinney.  Another day fishing new water, and being amazed at the sheer amount of great fishing we have in CO.


  1. Nice post and write up, drive by the area all the time but never have stopped and fished. Looks real nice.

    Got some new swag. If interested, shoot me email to and I will send hat.
    Since you asked for one a while back.


  2. Nice going Mark. It's been many years since I fished that area and you're right, it's the best.