Sunday, June 30, 2013

Blue River- 6/30/13

Headed north on Highway 9 to fish the Blue near Green Mountain Reservoir today.  The fishing wasn't incredible, but there was enough action to keep it interesting.  There were lots of caddis in the air, causing some splashy rises, but not a lot of consistent surface action.  Managed to fool one nice bow on an Elk Hair Caddis, while the rest of the fish were taken on caddis and stonefly nymphs.  Again, I tried real hard to slow down and just enjoy being out on the water, taking in the beauty of this amazing Gold Medal Water.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Why We Fish

Sure, we like catching fish when we go out, but that is not why fishermen are drawn to the water.  We go to get away.  To turn off our phone and leave our hectic lives behind, if only for a few hours.  We go to enjoy the beautiful surroundings, standing among tall pines, Rocky Mountain peaks, and wild flowered meadows.  We go to enjoy the cool mountain water on a hot summer day.  We go for the adventure, to see new places that we've never been.  We go to enjoy time with our fishing buddies, where the most important thing discussed is if the fish are taking nymphs or emergers.  We go to fly fish, because we love it.

Fished the local creek again last night, and really took some time to enjoy the surroundings.  Slowing down to take in the blooming flowers and the mule deer.  Nice change of pace from everyday life, and it makes me so thankful for what I have.

Beautiful Bear Creek
Another spider web 

Mule deer didn't even spook from me

Friday, June 21, 2013

Bear Creek- 6/21/13

Finally I kicked off my summer fishing today, spending a perfect afternoon on Bear Creek, cooling off in the nice, cool mountain water.  With starting my new job recently, more time has been devoted to work, and the fly fishing was put on the back burner.  After almost a month of no fishing, I decided that an afternoon wet wading was exactly what I needed.

With the drought year of 2012, I only fished Bear Creek early season last year.  I have always enjoyed this little gem that is so close to home.  I was afraid that with last years low flows and high water temperatures, this fishery would take a beating.  But it just goes to prove how resilient these trout were. I found eager fish in every pool, willing to chase large foam hopper patterns.  I tied on a Fat Albert at the car, and only changed out a few droppers.  Skating the hopper across the water would cause the trout to go crazy, chasing the fly down from all the way across the pool.  It was almost as fun watching these fish react to the fly as it was having them hook up.

It felt good to be back on the water, and this made me super excited for some awesome Colorado summer fishing.  I am planning some fun trips to some new water, and am hoping that this summer turns out perfect!!

Cool spider web