Monday, December 31, 2012

Winter Fishing at Deckers- 12/31/12

Headed up to Deckers today to do a little winter fishing my Dad.  Was 10 degrees when we stepped in the river at 9:00 AM, and warmed up to a brisk 20 degrees by 2:00 PM.  Fished above the Deckers bridge in the morning.  Hooked and landed fish on small midge nymphs.  Headed just down stream of the bridge to finish the day off.  Landed a real nice rainbow just above the first bridge on a Pat's Rubber Legs.  Almost lost him in the fast riffles below.  A great way to end the fly fishing year, and remember all the great adventures that were had this year.  Lots of trout were landed, and thousands of flies were tied.  So thankful that my life allows me so many great adventures.  Happy New Years to everyone!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Elevenmile Canyon- 10/13/12

Spent a beatiful couple days fishing Elevenmile Canyon last weekend.  The fall colors were and the canyon wasn't to crowded.  Just reinforced how much I love beautiful Colorado and how amazing fly fishing is.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

San Juan River- Sept. 2012

Went back to the San Juan River recently for my annual trip with my Dad.  As usual, the fishing was outstanding, and it was really fun to watch my Dad hook way more trout this year than last.  We decided we wanted to see more of the river this trip, so we made an effort to move around much more.  Spent the first day exploring Kiddie Hole, and the new braids improvement.  Made it all the way up to Sand Hole before working back down the river to end the day.  Caught fish on cream Yong Specials and Annelids  Caught a bunch of freshly stocked fish, but my Dad did manage a pretty Rainbow in Sand Hole.  Unfortunately, we fumbled the picture.  Second day, we fished below Cable Hole in the morning.  Had a great time sight fishing to some very active fish.  Landed some much larger fish.  In the afternoon we headed down below Texas Hole to where the river splits in two.  Hooked some more larger fish, and got into some awesome dry fly fishing right before dark.  It was quite the experience to see so many fish rising to small midge patterns. Landed a 20" Brown on a Griffith's Gnat.  Third and final day, we headed down to the Crusher Hole parking lot, and headed up river to fish the weirs around Durangler's Corner.  Had a very active morning, taking turns hooking and netting fish with my father.  Around noon, the fishing slowed down, until we tied on a pheasant tail.  It seems the baetis are starting to move around a little bit in the lower river, as we hooked up almost every drift.  After lunch, we decided to finish the trip in the Baetis Bend area.  Fishing was outstanding as well, including landing one of the larger fish in my life.  Again, we fumbled the picture.  The Rainbow was over 20", and had to weigh close to 10 pounds.  Couldn't even get my hands around it.  Caught that fish on size 26 Top Secret Midge.  It was a great trip with my Dad, and was depressing when we turned the truck north, headed back to Denver.  Saw much more of this amazing river, and looking forward to the next time.  Enjoy some pictures of the trip!!

Tying on a Yong Special in the Braids

Fumble!! Nice Rainbow in Sand Hole

Looking up at Navajo Dam from Sand Hole

First fish below Cable Hole

Nice brown on dry fly

Man-made weir near Durangler's Corner.  These weirs hold fish below them all day.

Last fish of the trip!  So sad to leave.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Dream Stream/Taylor River- 8/5/12

Planned a full day of fishing for Sunday, and when I say full day, I mean it.  Left the house at 3:30 AM for South Park.  First stop was the Dream Stream, chasing browns and cutthroats during the day.  Fished until about 4:00 PM, packed up, and headed to Buena Vista for a quick dinner.  After refueling, we headed over Cottonwood Pass to Taylor Park Reservoir for a little night fishing.  Got on the water about 7:30, enjoyed an awesome spinner fall, and then fished by headlight until 3:00 AM.  Highlight was a 25" brown that I sight fished to.  Awesome time enjoying beautiful Colorado.
Gorgeous morning on the Dream Stream!

 Looking down Buena Vista side of Cottonwood Pass

Fish of the night! 25" of powerful brown.

Releasing the brute

Last fish of the night at 3:00 AM

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dream Stream- 7/22/12

Been a while since my last post.  Been busy getting married and moving into a new house.  Only been fishing twice in the last month, and only tied a few dozen flies.  Oh well.  The two times I have gone fishing have been pretty epic.  I fished the Blue through Silverthorne, and hooked into some of the biggest fish I ever have.  Only managed to land a few of them.  Those fish are so smart, they know exactly what boulder to wrap my leader around, and poof, they're gone.  Still a blast though.

Fished the Dream Stream today with my dad, and had an absolutely great day.  Saw my first Trico hatch, caught my first cutthroat, and finally watched my dad get it.  He landed about 10 fish, including a gorgeous 20" Bow.  Flies were pretty simple today.  Caught almost all of the fish on some annelid patterns.  Throw a double annelid rig into a riffle, and hook into 4 fish.  Had a blast playing the feisty Dream Stream browns.  I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

First cutthroat.  Not a great pic!

Double annelid rig all day

Fish of the day! Acrobatic rainbow!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Deckers Carp Fishing?!?!?

Nice surprise fishing Deckers today!  My buddy caught this on a size 24 Mercury Midge!! Who would have thought!