Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mysis Shrimp

It's kind of funny how my fly tying habits go.  I go fish a section of water, with wrong flies and then come back home to the fly tying bench, and tie up the patterns that I should have had.  You think that I would figure it out by now, but I guess I will learn one way or another.  Oh well....at least I will be stocked up for the next time I get up there.

Just having recently fished the Blue River directly below Dillon Dam, I sat down at the bench to tie up some Mysis Shrimp patterns.  Having not tied this pattern before, I stopped by Trout's Fly Fishing in Denver to scope out the different Mysis Shrimp patterns that they sell.  I like to buy a couple flies, take them home, stare at them, and then figure out a way to make the pattern my own.  I did that with a few of the different patterns that I bought.

Below is my best looking imitation of standard Mysis Shrimp pattern.  I could not find a recipe online, so I just took a guess at it, tying in materials that I think would make it look good.  It took about a dozen ties until I settled on what I thought looked the best.  Here is the recipe: Hook: TMC 101 in size 18, Thread: 8/0 White Uni-Thread, Tail: Egg Veil Milky White and Mirage Opal Tinsel, Abdomen: Hareline Dubbin Mysis Shrimp, Rib: Mirage Opal Tinsel, Eyes: 0X monofiliment ties in with X's, burned with lighter into ball, and then colored with black Sharpie.  I had tried tying in the eyes with black midge tubing, but it was too hard to give them the correct proportions.  Plus, the technique with taking a flame to the tippet material is just real fun!  Who doesn't like playing with fire.  I am anxious to see what this fly looks like after soaking in the water after a few drifts.  I'm hoping that it turns almost clear when wet, but having just enough flash from Opal Tinsel.  I know it's only Tuesday, but I am already dreaming of catching some monsters on the Blue with the patterns that I've tied.  Happy fishing!!!

Standard Mysis Shrimp Pattern


  1. How did this pattern work out for you? I am trying to tie up some Mysis for the Pan...

    1. This pattern def works, but for the Pan, you need to check out some of the crazy epoxy Mysis that they carry at Taylor Creek Fly Shop in Basalt! Wow this shrimp pattern is one of my first couple posts, back in 2011. Crazy!

  2. Sorry... I opened up an oldie, eh?