Friday, September 2, 2011

Frustration on Bear Creek


That's how I feel after fishing Bear Creek twice this week.  Despite seeing lots of trout rising everywhere in the river, I could not catch a one.  I tried everything that I could think.  Started with a dry/dropper rig with a small Elk Hair Caddis as the dry.  Tried everything I could think of on the bottom.  Pheasant Tail, Prince Nymph, Black Beauty, Two Bit Hooker, Cased Caddis, and San Juan Worm.  Nothing!  Moved onto a double dry rig, putting what felt like every dry fly in my box on the end of the line.  Still nothing.  I finally put on a Woolly Bugger.  I was fishing it downstream and slowly stipping through the deepest pools I could find.  Still Nothing.  I moved onto another deep pool, and finally, a strike.  But I lost him.  That's pretty much all the action I had on the two days I spent on Bear Creek above Morrison.

My attempt at an artistic photo

A pool full of stubborn trout

But I'm still happy.  It just feels good to cool off in the mountain water. The highlight of the trips was seeing two mule deer across the river from me.  They walked down in the river, not realizing I was there.  Finally they spotted me and took off up the mountain, but not before I snapped a picture.  Hopefully one of these days, I will figure out how to catch fish here.

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