Monday, August 22, 2011

Blue River through Silverthorne

So this past weekend, I was playing in a golf tournament at the Raven at Three Peaks in Silverthorne, teeing off around noon.  So I figured this was a great opportunity to fish the Blue River for the first time.  I had heard about the horrific crowds, and figured that if I got up there as early as possible, I would be able to enjoy a few hours of solitude by myself, and see if I could catch any of those fabled Mysis Shrimp eating trout!

I pulled into the parking lot around 6:30 AM, just as the sun was starting to rise over the mountains to the east.  I was the lone car in the lot, and my plan was to fish from close to the dam down to underneath the interstate.  I rigged up my 4 weight TFO rod, tying on a black Copper John, and dropping a Mysis Shrimp from that.  I had never fished any Mysis Shrimp patterns, but knew they were the fly of choice for this stretch of water.  I had five shrimp patterns in my box, and was hoping they would last long enough.

Fishing was slow for the first 45 minutes or so, until the sun rose high enough in the sky to light up the river.  I was walking along the river's edge, trying to keep my balance on the slick river rocks, when the the first Rainbow tried to rip my fly from the line.  I was not expecting a strike in the riffle I was in, as the trout was holding in water no deeper than 6 inches deep.  I heard my reel screeching as he tore across the river, trying to free itself from the fly.  I continued to stumble down the river edge, until I was close enough to net him.  Sure enough, he had taken the Mysis Shrimp pattern.  I was very proud of the first fish that I caught on the Blue River, and was not surprised to find the stories I had heard were true!!  He was a stocky little fish with amazing coloring!!

First Blue River rainbow!
I continued to catch fish after fish, working my way down towards town.  The fished seem to be keying in on the shrimp patterns, as I only hooked one on the Copper John.  I finally lost my last Mysis Shrimp pattern in the hole directly underneath the highway, but not after I had brought around 10 to the net.  I figured it was good timing, as I had to run along to make my tee time.  Not gonne lie, fishing the Blue in the morning, and golfing the Raven in the afternoon is not a bad way to spend a day in the Rockies!!

Nice view of the Blue looking back towards Dillon Dam

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