Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Goodies (Part 2) GoPro Camera & Broken Hand

So the second installment of my new goodies section brings a little bit of bad luck.  I've been skiing my entire life, and have been lucky to not suffer any major injuries.........until last weekend.  I was skiing through the trees at Breck, probably shouldn't have because of the lack of snow, but the little snow we did have looked oh so tempting.  I slashed over a large group of rocks, with my trailing hand also hiting the rocks.  At first I thought it was my thumb, but later found out that I had broken the 2nd and 3rd metacarpal in my hand.  No fly fishing or tying for me until I get this damn cast off on Feb. 29th.

Which brings me to the goodies part.  My beautiful fiance bought me a GoPro camera for Christmas.  I look forward to filming my fishing and skiing exploits with it.  I think it will be a very cool addition to the blog.  So here is my first video, showing the run with the broken hand.  Sorry for being short, but it's tough to type with only one hand.

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