Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Goodies (Part 1)

Happy 2012 to everyone!!!

Have not posted in forever, and my New Year's resolution is to post at least once a week all year.  I already missed the first couple weeks, so here is my first post of the year.

I received some BassPro shops gift certificates for Christmas, and had spent the few weeks after Christmas thinking about what I wanted to spend them on.  I was determined to buy a wading jacket for winter fishing, but the selection left a lot to be desired, so I settled on buying a new vise.

Heading to BassPro, I knew that the Peak Rotary Vise was the only way to go.  I spend a fair share of my time sitting in front of my fly tying bench, and this vise has been the absolute best purchase to improve my fly tying.  I really enjoy tying up miniscule midge patterns, and I had been working with a crappy old vise that I constantly had to adjust to keep the damn hooks in the vise.  With this new vise, problem solved.  I have yet to have a hook even think about slipping.

I sat down today to break in the vise, and tied up a couple dozen little midge patterns.  Size 24 Top Secret Midges and size 22 South Platte Brassies.  There is just something that I love about tying flies, and watching football.  Probably the thing that I think about most while trying to get through another work week.  Hope all is well with everyone, and here's to an awesome year of fishing in 2012.


  1. Congrats on your new addition to your tying arsenal! I really like your set-up. It looks so organized!


  2. It doesn't always look like that! I had to clean it up for its introduction to the world.