Sunday, March 3, 2013

South Boulder Creek- 3/3/13

Part of what I really enjoy about fly fishing is the constant exploration that it enables me to do.  There is always new places to go, with new water to fish.  I headed up to Boulder this morning to check out a local tailwater that I've heard about, but never ventured out to fish.  South Boulder Creek below Gross Reservoir is a beautiful river, filled with even prettier fish.  The hike down to the river kind of reminds me of the hike into Cheesman Canyon, and the scenery just keeps getting better the farther down the canyon you go.  A few thoughts about the day:

  1. Never get directions from your buddies.  They are never right, and they just cause you to drive way farther than you need to.
  2. Wild fish are beautiful, regardless of size.  The fish in this river are some of the best looking I've seen.  Good things do come in small packages.
  3. I love Colorado!!!  Where else is there so much awesome fly fishing!

Pretty rainbow
View from a bridge 

Gorgeous little brown trout
Amazing view of the divide from the top of Flagstaff Mountain


  1. Beauties. I used to live near South Boulder Creek - where it comes out by Eldorado Canyon. Those photos bring back some great memories.


  2. Nice report, thanks. Looks like a peaceful place.