Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dream Stream- 7/13/13

It has been very seldom that I've been able to get my wife to go to the river with me, so when a group of friends planned a weekend at a cabin in South Park, I was so excited to take my wife to the Dream Stream with me to show her one of my favorite places.  The previous times I've taken her, either the fish or me (probably me) had not been cooperative.  During our honeymoon in Steamboat, I fished the Yampa through town by myself and hooked rising fish all afternoon, but the next day when I took her, I could not buy a fish.  I'm not saying I felt a lot of added pressure to actually hook some fish, but I really wanted to show her why I love this sport so much.

The Spinney Mountain section of the South Platte was looking absolutely amazing.  There were crazy amounts of insect activity around the river, with PMD's, Tricos, Midges, and Caddis flying everywhere.  I was mostly fishing a drowned Trico spinner below a Annelid, and the fish seemed to like it.  They were absolutely crushing the Trico.  You know those strikes where they take you fly with so much purpose that the strike indicator is 5 feet upstream before you even have time to set the hook.  With the higher flows, the fish seemed to be extremely healthy and powerful.  Caught two beautiful Cutthroats that were extremely feisty to get to the net.  It was nice to have a camera woman to take some action shots of me for once, and even better that I got to enjoy the day with my wife.  So in one trip, my wife went from my bad luck charm to my good luck charm, and I'm really looking forward to the next time I can get her on the river with me.


  1. Nice cuttie and photos. I think you're right about your wife and the good luck.

    1. I need to bring her back during the fall Brown run and see what happens!!

  2. Looks like great fishing! The Dream Stream is on my bucket list for sure. I need to get more information on this place. Great pics.