Friday, July 5, 2013

Deckers- 7/5/13

Bend Hole at Sunrise
I guess we should consider ourselves lucky.  Our "home" river is the South Platte below Cheesman Canyon through Deckers.  No matter the new rivers I fish, I will always be drawn back to these Gold Medal waters.  There's just something about the drive down into Deckers that feels special.  Maybe it's because of the rich history of these fabled water that make you feel closer to this sport.  You know a river is special if it helped to create flies like the RS-2 and Brassie.  Whatever it is, I'm glad this river is coming back strong after the Heyman Fire.

Explored a few more areas on the South Platte today.  Early morning yielded the best results, but the fish seemed healthy and active all day.  The river looks absolutely amazing, with cold, clear water and green plants everywhere.  There were a lot of other outdoor entusiastists out today, making sharing the river a little more challenging, but it was a great day on the Platte.  No specific flies were the key, the fish seemed willing to move for any well presented nymph.

The "Rock Garden" above Deckers 

Nice Rainbow from Midge Pool
Brown in the "Rock Garden"


  1. Sorry... I just keep going back up to the top blog pic. I love it! Such a great shot... Looks like you are getting plenty of fishing in... good deal.

    1. Just trying to keep up with you, Emily! Hope the season is treating ya well!

    2. FYI... The surgeon's general has determined that fishing as much as I do is not good.for your health! Lol.

  2. Mark! Beautiful 'bow! You are blessed to call such an amazing river home! The South Platte is truly a Colorado gem! Looks like an amazing day! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Very nice pictures. Its nice to see you having a good time.

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