Friday, November 8, 2013

Clear Creek- 11/8/13

Snuck away from the office for a few hours this afternoon, and head up the canyon to enjoy some perfect fall weather.  Found lots of willing, wild Browns that were very active chasing my little black streamer around.  So much fun watching small fish try to eat a fly that is almost as big as they are.  Clear Creek still has some nice flows, and the river is looking absolutely amazing.  With so much time dedicated to work in the last few weeks, it was nice to sneak away from the computer and cell phone and enjoy the Rocky Mountain sun and tug on the line.  Looking forward to the Waypoints fly fishing movie tonight in Denver


  1. Nice, thanks for the report. I haven't been since before the floods so I was curious. I need to try to hit it while the weather is holding.

  2. Ha. I thought that Howard would comment on this... He loves this place. Glad to know that he might get out finally... lol.