Sunday, March 30, 2014

Deckers- 3/29/14

Spring is coming and the fisherman hatch is on in full force!  I've been fishing the Deckers stretch of the South Platte for a few years now, and I've never seen the amount of cars fill up every parking area and pull off through Deckers.  We fished Bridge Crossing in the morning, which only yielded a few fish.   Bridge Crossing is an absolutely amazing stretch of water that looks similar to the water up above in Cheesman Canyon. Moved up above the Deckers bridge around noon, and somehow found Midge Pool free from any anglers.  Large fish were everywhere from the riffles up above into the run below, which allowed us to sight fish to these tough trout.  Fooled 4 over the next 45 minutes before we had to head back to Denver.  The fish were feeding with abandon on both midges and baetis, which is such a great sight to see after the long winter.  The fishing is only going to get better until run off hits.  After missing out on this early spring season/pre-run off time last year, I am looking forward to fishing baetis nymphs until the rivers swell with snow melt, and we switch to fishing junk until the waters clear.  Great time to get out and do some fly fishing!


  1. Great pictures Mark! It's pretty nice area not counting all the company.

    1. Indeed it is Howard! How was Clear Creek?