Monday, January 12, 2015

Deckers- 1/10/15

Ahhh....that's better!  Finally found a free day from work to hit up the local ditch with my Pops, making our way up to see how the South Platte was running on an absolutely perfect Colorado winter day.  Spent the morning shaking off the rust while searching for fish in the holes around Bridge Crossing, and looking through my deplenished pack for the perfect midge.  Felt great to get back into the waders, and feel that tug at the end of the line.  With my life about to change in a big way here in about 7 weeks, not sure how much time I'm going to have a fly rod in my hand this year, so I need to enjoy every minute that I am able to sneak away.

The river looked great as usual, with many nice, healthy fish spotted.  Even with the Fly Fishing Show going strong down in Denver, the river was packed full of anglers, looking to get out and enjoy a perfect January day.  Although the fishing wasn't on fire, we managed to bring some fish to the net and enjoy the area around Deckers for the morning before heading back to Denver.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Looks like a nice morning out on the water...

  2. Deckers is on the bucket list for this year. I think it will be crossed off. =)

  3. Mark! As always beautiful pics and some gorgeous fish! You on the water with dad...everything else is icing on the cake! Thanks for sharing