Sunday, September 20, 2015

Blue River Gold Medal- 9/19/15

Everything you read these days about the Blue River is that it is no longer in the elite class of the other Colorado Gold Medal waters, and while I tend to agree with this, I still really enjoy fishing this river.  It's a very unique fishery as it flows through the Silverthorne Outlet Mall, and there are people everywhere watching you fish.  Definitely does not give you the solitude that can be found on other water around the state, but even though the stream may not be in the Gold Medal class, there are still plenty of educated fish that test the skills of any fly fisherman.

Felt really good to get back into the waders, and enjoy the quickly changing Colorado seasons.  Life has been moving at the speed of light since Brody was born, and it felt good to get out and focus on fly fishing for a few hours.  The morning started out great, hooking a little Brown on my very first drift.  While the Blue might not be sustaining the trout life like it once did, it still is producing some wild fish, as I was able to hook into a number of small Browns throughout the day.  Hopefully the river is healthy enough that these little guys will be able to hold on and grow into the giant Mysis eating fish that the Blue is known for.

Best part of the day was being able to use my new Blue Halo fiberglass rod.  So fun hooking into fish with these glass rods.  The fish feel so much bigger than they are, yet they still have the backbone when you do hook a larger fish and need to lean into it to turn their heads.  So excited to add this rod to the quiver, and jump on the glass train.

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