Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mile High Trout

One thing that I am very passionate about is the love that I have for our home state, Colorado.  I do not believe a more beautiful place to live exists.  The snow capped mountains in the winter, the roar of Mile High Stadium in the fall, the popping of tree buds in the spring, and the gorgeous blue skies of summer make our state what it is.  The amount of fly fishing in our state is beyond belief.  Large Mysis fed trout on the Frying Pan and Blue, gorgeous mountain canyons like Cheesman Canyon and Elevenmile Canyon, wild trout on the Yampa, Greenback Cutthroat in Rocky Mountain National Park, Green Drake hatch on the Roaring Fork, monster brown trout on the Dream Stream, caddis hatch on the Arkansas, and summer evening dry-droppers on Bear Creek are just a small sample of what makes Colorado fishing so special to me.

There have been a lot of local companies popping up, selling Colorado logo gear with a fly fishing twist.  I enjoy seeing the different logos that people come up, and have bought my fair share of hats and shirts myself.  I think one of the cooler logos out there belongs to Mile High Trout.  They sell very cool apparel for the Colorado fly fisherman, and I want to send a huge shoutout to Mile High Trout for hooking me up with some cool gear.  I very much look forward to wearing this gear in my adventures.

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  1. Sweet post! I would have to agree, the mile high trout logo is the best Colorado logo I have seen. First time I have seen it!