Monday, April 29, 2013

Roaring Fork/Gianinetti Spring Creeks- 4/28/13

I have a buddy that works for Rocky Mountain Angling Club that can get us on private waters from time to time.  Although our state has miles and miles of quality public fishing, there is just something pretty awesome about being the only anglers on a stretch of water, not having to fight anyone for holes, and free to move around as you please.  This past weekend, we headed to the Roaring Fork Valley to explore one of RMAC's best properties: Gianinetti Spring Creeks.  Gianinetti's is billed as one of RMAC's top properties.  With 2 miles of very small, very productive spring creeks, and 3/4 mile of the Roaring Fork River, all in the shadow of Snowmass mountain, this property makes for an absolutely spectactular place to fly fish.

I fished this property exactly two years ago, when I was a very novice angler.  The spring creeks were a little past my skill level, as I did not have the casting skill that is required that is necessary to successfully fish them.  I did hook and land my first brown trout in the Roaring Fork, so I was looking forward to getting back out there to see if I would catch more fish this time around.  My Dad and I fished the Roaring Fork in the morning, seemingly starting to hook fish from the very beginning.  The fish were very active, taking both stonefly and baetis patterns.  Rainbows and browns were both caught, and I even landed a couple Mountain Whitefish as well.  I had never caught any of them before, but they fought hard and were fun to catch nonetheless.  My Dad had his best day on any Colorado river, landing and releasing lots of healthy fish.

Me and my buddy fished the Spring Creeks in the afternoon, slowly leapfrogging each other up the two miles of the North Fork of the Spring Creek.  Heavily weighted patterns and lots of split shot were required to get down fast enough to have a chance at catching fish, but once you got it dialed it, seemingly every pool yielded at least a couple fish.  We fished all the way to property line, where you are greeted by arguably the best view on the entire property.  Fishing this amazing place makes me so grateful to be back in Colorado, doing what I love with the people that I love in such beautiful places.

Property line at Gianinetti Spring Creeks
First Mountain Whitefish

Nice face, Better fish! 

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  1. Beautiful fish! Quality time with friends and your dad is hard to beat! Glad you guys had such a memorable time. Thanks for the image of Snowmass in the background!