Thursday, May 2, 2013

Blue River- 4/29/13

Had the day off from work on Monday, so I took advantage and headed up to Silverthorne to fish the Blue for a while.  I slept in, make breakfast for my wife before she went to work, and then had a leisurely drive up the hill, just enjoying the Rockies after being in Houston for a while.  I started fishing right at the top boundary fence near the dam, and made it all the way under Highway 9, fishing each pool down close to the police station.  Even though the river had a lot of angling traffic (crazy how hard this river gets pounded), I was able to pick up a few nice fish.  The trout seemed to be on midge patterns, as I hooked most on small Juju's or WD-40's.  Highlight of the trip was hooking a 25" beast underneath the pedestrian bridge near the outlets.  The fish took me underneath the bridge twice before I was able to wrestle him into my net, all while a nice crown cheered on from the bridge.  I asked a nice man to take a picture for me with the fish, but he accidentally took a video instead, so I only have the memory of the fish in my brain.  Most of my fishing buddies are not very fond of the Blue, be it for the amount of pressure, the difficult fish, or the spotty hatches, but I have always enjoyed fishing though Silverthorne, and have found it to be one of my more productive rivers.  I know that this relationship with the river can change without any notice, but I will continue to enjoy my time spent on this Colorado Gold Medal Water.

Can only dream of monsters above this fence... 

View upstream from the pedestrian bridge
Downstream below Highway 9

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  1. Mark! Nice post and report! Your luck is like mine the only photographer around and cant find a shutter button! Nice pics anyway and great fish!