Friday, May 10, 2013

Trouts Fly Shop- Deadly Streamer Class

I joined Trouts Fly Shop for a night of tying some some big, nasty streamers last night.  I have tied some articulated streamers in the past, but I really wanted to learn from someone much better than myself.  David Luna fit the bill perfectly, showing us the ins and outs of tying articulated streamers, and taught us how to spin deer hair.  We tied both a Sex Dungeon and a Peanut Envy, two very large streamers that I can't wait to throw up on the Reef next weekend.  I look forward to using these skills to pack my streamer full of nasty streamers.

My modest attempt at a Sex Dungeon


  1. Nice Tie, they will catch you some toads. Although, I"m not very good at toeing them, sure do like to fish em. Good on yah

  2. Look forward to the report Mark! Nothing like catching fish on the flies you have tied. I am glad you have the patience to tie an articulated pattern. Tight lines