Monday, May 20, 2013

0-2 at Grey Reef

Had a crazy weekend up on the North Platte this weekend.  We camped at a campground 4.5 miles off the road at a campground called Buffaloberry.  The spot was amazing!! On a bluff right on the river with some great fishing right out the back door of the trailer.  Had a killer day on Saturday, hitting up a few spots, and still had the best day of the trip lined up for Sunday.  A full day float trip with Krayfish of Wyoming Fly Fishing.  That's when the weekend went south!!  It poured rain Saturday night, making the roads back to highway 220 literally impassable.  By the time we found out the roads were that bad, it was to late to turn around.  Got three 4x4's stuck, and had no hope of meeting our guides at Gov. Bridge.  The younger guys had to be at work today, so we grabbed our packs and wearing waders and full rain gear, started the trek out to the road.  We met a shefiff about halfway back to the bridge that was nice enough to get us to the Gov. Bridge parking lot.  A friend from Casper picked us up, drove us to the Natrona County Airport to pick up a rental car, and we drove the 4+ hours back to Denver, leaving our cars back up at Grey Reef.

It's starting to feel like this float trip is cursed!  We were supposed to do it in March, but the Front Range got hammered with snow, and I-25 North was shut down.  It still was really fun weekend, fishing a new river but I am super bummed out the guide trip didn't happen!  Hopefully, the third times the charm, and we can finally float this legendary section water and try to fool some of those monster trout.

**The "fishing" report of this trip will be done when I finally get my car (and camera) back from Alcova.

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