Sunday, September 8, 2013

Blue River- 9/7/13

I've only done it a few times, but night fishing is something that I really enjoy doing.  We headed up to Silverthorne to fish the Blue last night, and enjoyed a beautiful star lit night, chasing those legendary, monster trout.  Fishing the Blue at night is literally night and day from fishing during the sunlight hours.  This tailwater gets absolutely hammered by day, but the crowds disperse at night, giving you nothing but cold water and solitude.  Just because there is no one fishing, these trout are no less hard to hook.  Even though you can see fish everywhere, your flies and presentation still need to be perfect.  Looking out into each pool, it's a crazy sight to see glowing eyes everywhere,  trout still feeding on all those small shrimp and midges throughout the night.  I hooked a hog on the first couple of drifts that I tried to chase downstream, but he was too big and the current was too strong, and he came unbuttoned after a brief fight.  Landed a series of smaller fish the remainder of the night, but not the monsters we were after.  Started raining after midnight which sent us back to Denver, but it was a very nice couple hours on the river.


  1. It's an amazing place. I've never fished the Blue at night, but I imagine it's got to be somewhat magical.

    1. Such an amazing river, Howard. One of my favs. A totally different experience at night, and it is glorious!! You need to give it a try. Now that you've made up with Clear Creek, let's get up there together before winter!

  2. Nice fish and I am sure under the stars in Summit County is hard to beat for hooking into nice trout! Amazing tailwater without a doubt!