Thursday, December 26, 2013

Deckers- 12/26/13

With a few days off of work due to the holidays, I am trying to take advantage of every single day that I am able to get on the water.  I have fished the Arkansas tailwater and DSP in the last week, and kept it rolling today by heading up to Deckers to fish the South Platte.  It's fun to see this river change throughout the seasons, but the one constant is educated, tough to catch fish, and today was no different.  Mostly fished around Midge Pool all morning, with the fish really starting to get active around 11 or so.  It's crazy when you literally feel the river go from off, to on, and off again in such a short amount of time.  While it was on, we hooked up with 8 trout, and brought 4 to the net.  Besides the crazy amount of river grass, the Deckers area is looking perfect right now, and seems to fishing really good.

My parents gave me an awesome Christmas gift; a fly fishing journal.  I've been talking about wanting one for a while not, and was super excited to use it for the first time today.  It literally has a lifetimes worth of pages, and I look forward to another way to document our adventures.

Flies and Lies

Fav Christmas gift!

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